Step up to the digital looking glass! Just as fairy-tale characters consult magic mirrors for answers, in our VA realm, we too have a trusty mirror: the Skills Audit. This isn’t your average reflection. Oh, no! This mirror shines a spotlight on your talents, abilities, and those hidden gems you didn’t even know you had.

Why Peek into the Mirror?

Conducting a skills audit isn’t about vanity; it’s about clarity. As emerging stars in the VA circus, knowing where you sparkle and where you could add a little more glitter is key. Not only does it shape your service offerings, but it also pinpoints areas ripe for further training.

  1. Begin with What You Know:
    Start with the obvious. Are you a whiz with words, a social media sorcerer, or perhaps an admin aficionado? Jot down those skills you’re confident about. These are your headline acts, the routines you could perform with your eyes closed (although we don’t recommend it!).
  2. Dive into Past Roles:
    Whether you were a retail ringmaster or an IT illusionist, past roles harbor a treasure trove of skills. Customer service? Check. Managing multiple tasks? Oh, absolutely. Plunge into your work history, and you’ll be surprised at the riches you unearth.
  3. Ask Your Audience:
    Who better to provide feedback than those who’ve seen your performance? Friends, family, or past colleagues can offer insights into your strengths (and those sneaky little areas of improvement). They might see talents you’ve been too modest to recognize.
  4. Take Online Quizzes and Tests:
    There’s a myriad of online skill assessment tools, waiting to be explored. Treat it like a playful game of ‘Guess the Skill’ and indulge. You might discover you have a knack for something completely unexpected, like digital design or project management juggling.
  5. Pinpoint the Gaps:
    Now that you have a glittering list of skills, it’s time to spot where the gaps are. Maybe you’re a wiz at social media but not so hot with analytics? No shame in that. Identifying these gaps is the first step towards becoming a more polished act.
  6. Level Up:
    With gaps spotted, it’s training time! Dive into online courses, attend workshops, or join a VA group. There’s a carnival of learning opportunities out there. Grab a ticket, and before you know it, you’ll be adding even more skills to your VA repertoire.
  7. Keep Revisiting the Mirror:
    A skills audit isn’t a one-time spectacle. As the VA industry evolves, and as you grow, revisit your digital mirror. Refine, reshape, and reevaluate. Remember, every top performer tweaks their act from time to time.


So, next time you stand before a mirror, don’t just check your hair or adjust your snazzy bowtie. Peer deeper, ask the big questions, and let your reflection guide your VA journey. With a clear understanding of your skills, you’re set to dazzle and dominate the VA big top.

Mirror, mirror on the screen, who’s the most fabulous VA the world has ever seen? With a thorough skills audit, it could very well be you!